Mykonos , Greek island – Vacations in Greece

mikonos island

The crystal of the Cyclades

Mykonos is the most popular of the Cyclades group of islands, Mykonos fulfils all its promise. In recent decades it has established a reputation as a lively, glamorous isle, with a plethora of fabulous bars and restaurants and mile upon mile of sandy beach lapped by the azure Aegean waters. Bustling or secluded, the island offers all the choices you need to fi nd your perfect holiday tempo.

Head out of the resorts and the island unfolds itself as a picturesque idyll, where rolling hills are dotted with pristine, whitewashed houses, charming churches and the famous Venetian windmills. Historic Mykonos Town is a fabulous place to allow yourself to get lost – the labyrinthine layout was so-designed to confuse the pirates who plagued the city in the 18th and 19th centuries, and continues to amuse tourists to this day! Or head just 2 kilometres away by boat to discover the sensational island of Delos, one of Greece’s most famous archaeological sites.

For a romantic interlude visit Little Venice boasting superb sunsets that can be viewed from the luxurious Venetian balconies that reach out over the sea.

Top 5 things to do

1. Get lost in a Cycladic Maze

Discover the heart of the island in the cobbled and delightfully confusing alleyways of Mykonos Town.

2. Marvel at the island of Delos

3. Hit the beach at Psaroú

4. See the Venetian Windmills

5. Enjoy a sunset in Little Venice

Mykonos , Greek island – Vacations in Greece

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