Reunion Vacations

Reunion Vacations

Reunion is located off the east coast of islands and is the playground for upscale tourists. This unique island is located the middle of the Indian Ocean and is one of the most interesting islands on earth. There is an active volcano on its south coast, 17 miles of stunning beaches its west, and lots of mountains and forests in the middle. Reunion has an activity for every type of traveler. The island can be done in luxury or done on a budget if you stick to local markets. However, its isolated location means that is is expensive to get too, though that means you’ll find the secluded paradise you are looking for.

Cost and Budgeting in Reunion

Reunion is moderately expensive. Meals here begin at €10 and rooms start at €20. Luxury hotels start at €100 per night. Outdoor activities usually begin around €60 euros and go up from there. While Reunion can be expensive, a trip to Reunion can be done cheaple if you stay in moderate accommodation and eat at the local markets. If you want more luxury and plan to do a lot of activities, plan to spend at least €170 per day.

Things to Do and See in Reunion
Visit a Volcano– Reunion’s interior is formed by Salazies Mountain in the west and the Grand Brule Mountain to the east, where visitors can see the island’s still-active volcano, the Piton de la Fournaise. Whether dormant or active, Reunion has a lot of good volcano to explore and watch.
Check out the Island’s Cirques– The island’s three cirques dominate the inner geography of Reunion. They are usually described as natural amphitheaters. Cirques are volcanos that collapsed upon themselves and offer great photo opportunities as well as cool hiking adventures and wildlife sightings.
Hike– Reunion has amazing lush, green forests in the interior where you’ll find birds and other wildlife as you hike through gorges and view amazing waterfalls.
Surf– The lively town of St. Leu is the perfect location for avid surfers as the waves here get pretty big.
Scuba Dive/Snorkel- There are a few reefs off the coast that will give you great views of African tropical fish and coral. The dive sites aren’t the best in the world but they are still very amazing. If diving isn’t your thing, there are places close to the shore for you to snorkel.
Pamper Yourself– Reunion has some amazing spas where you can pamper yourself, get a massage, relax, and unwind in this perfect tropical backdrop.

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Reunion Weather
The peak tourist season is from late June to early September. Cyclones are pass through during the months of February and March. The drier winter months are the best for hiking. The temperature is pretty constant throughout the year. It usually ranges from the high 20 C to the mid 30 C.

Reunion Vacations

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